Maryland 4 Hour Continuing Education

2018 Maryland 4 hour Continuing Education

Maryland 4 Hour Continuing Education

Electronic Course


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Product features

A comprehensive overview of Maryland individual and business taxation issues
  • Maryland Tax Law Updates
  • Maryland Income Adjustments to Federal AGI
  • Corporate Additions and Subtractions to Federal
  • Maryland Tax Preparer Requirements
  • 24/7 access to electronic course and online exam

Product descriptions

Our 4 hour Maryland state continuing education course is a self-study class, giving you the freedom and flexibility to study when, where and how you want. We put all the tools at your fingertips so you can meet your requirement and get back to business.

  • Review course material at your own pace
  • Complete open book online exam
  • FREE Grading Report completes the learning process
  • Certificate of Completion issued

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